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Elaine Duke

Elaine Duke

Mortgage Consultant

English, Spanish
Specialties: Residential Mortgages



Through my partnership with Invis I am able to offer Mortgage solutions for both Residential and Commercial Financing Needs, usually at rates far below the usual Banks, Credit Unions, …etc. I have access to approximately 50 different lenders including the Major Banks but at rates usually below what is available through the Bank staff . Many of the mortgage options that are available to you through Invis are also more flexible and better suited to your personal needs.

I have over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, including Management, and Regional Office Management positions. I have extensive experience in residential and commercial mortgages, and during my employment with major Chartered Banks I worked closely with professionals and self employed individuals. I am uniquely qualified to assist self employed individuals on both personal and business financing needs with a strong understanding of financial statement analysis and in identifying solutions to match client needs.

If any of the following apply to you, I would be happy to discuss your specific needs and tailor solutions for you:



  • Have a floating rate and wondering if you should move to a fixed rate
  • Are wondering if early renewing your mortgage can save you money and/or the peace of mind of a longer guaranteed rate
  • Considering purchasing a home or changing residences
  • Have difficulty obtaining or refinancing your mortgage due to self employed, new on the job, or past credit problems, low income or low equity
  • Are thinking of buying an investment property ie apartment building, rental home, or commercial rental unit(s)
  • Have Commercial Real Estate financing needs of any kind, or need business refinancing to expand or replenish working capital
  • Would simply like advice on possible choices tailored to you or your business


In most residential mortgage cases the lender pays my fee so my service is free to my clients . Additional fees may apply in unique situations, and in commercial applications.


I am able to meet with you wherever and whenever is convenient to you. Should you know anyone else who may need my services, I would appreciate your referring them to me. 

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Elaine Duke

Elaine Duke

Mortgage Consultant

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