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Laura Chow

Laura Chow

Mortgage Associate

Specialties: Residential Mortgages



Prior to becoming a licensed mortgage agent with Invis, I worked at a major chartered bank for over 20 years. During my banking career, I encountered many different financing situations and challenges and now I use that experience to help make your financing transaction a simple and pleasant process.

Many of my clients are self-employed and wish to obtain a mortgage without proving income. I have several lenders who work with me to provide financing in these cases. If you are self-employed, give me a call to discuss your mortgage financing needs.

Business owners often have a need for mortgage financing on commercial properties and I have experience in arranging those types of mortgages as well.

It does not matter if your needs are big or small, I will work hard for you.

In addition to English, I speak several Chinese dialects so my clients can be comfortable speaking with me in the language of their choice.

Please give me a call. I would be pleased to work with you to arrange for your mortgage financing needs

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Laura Chow

Laura Chow

Mortgage Associate

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