Educational Videos

What you need to know and do to get your mortgage in a stress-free and efficient manner.

Are you ready to buy a home?

How much downpayment do you need?>

Downpayment savings strategies

Verifying your downpayment

Verifying your income

Importance of good credit

What’s your mortgage need?

CHIP Reverse Mortgage

Are you over 55 with a financial need?

Why Invis?

And why an Invis broker?

Mortgage Letdown

Don’t be disappointed.
Protect yourself from
mortgage letdown by using
an Invis Broker.

Mortgage Non Pre-Approval

Make sure you have a
Mortgage Pre-Approval you
can count on!

10 Steps to Home

Learn about the mortgage process.

Renovation Sink or Swim

Buy and renovate at the
same time so you can
enjoy your fixer upper and
save money!

Low Rate Handcuffs

The cheapest mortgage isn’t
always the best. Find out why.

Self-Employed Mortgage Wall

Don’t hit the self-employed
mortgage wall. We work with
self-employed Canadians
every day.

Renewal Sleepwalking

Your mortgage renewal is an
opportunity to save
thousands. Don’t sleepwalk
through it.

Wake Up and Refinance

Too much high-interest debt
weighing you down and
eating into your cash
flow? We can help.