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Trent Shefsky

Trent Shefsky

Mortgage Consultant

Specialties: Residential Mortgages



If you're looking for a Mortgage Consultant with the history and expertise to accommodate your needs, take advantage of what I have to offer. Buying, selling, refinancing, or renewing your mortgage can be one of the biggest transactions of our life.

I have been assisting people like you for the last 25 years in the Mortgage / Real Estate industry, and now lead a team of people that add to my background a variety of specialization and knowledge. The biggest complaint I hear from people shopping for a mortgage before finding me is, "We felt like our rep didn't understand what they were doing" or "they didn't provide us with very many options."

I grew up in a small Alberta town and worked for several years in a 35 year family retail business until moving to Calgary in 1993. Shortly after, I started my Real Estate career and then moved into Mortgage Financing in 2000 and have never looked back. I love what I do and tackle each day and each client’s file with the passion that you deserve to be represented with.

If you are about to have your first ever experience utilizing a Mortgage Consultant or have had a bad experience in the past, whether being with a Banker or a Mortgage Broker, why not throw out the old outfit and try on a whole new wardrobe of representation? I promise you a very enlightening and above expectations type of relationship and process.

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Trent Shefsky

Trent Shefsky

Mortgage Consultant

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