Our Projects

We are dedicated to the commercial segment of the market and specialize in meeting the demands of commercial projects ranging from $1 million to $500 million. Our offices are located across the country.

The conversion of an historic building to a new construction of 161 units

Loan amount: $34 million
Loan ratio: 85%

An 88 residence condo style building for retirees

Loan amount: $11.7 million
Loan ratio: 77%

Refinancing of 82 residential units

Loan amount: $8,175,450
Loan ratio: 78%

128 units Subbrogation and 55 units Construction (Phase III)

Loan amount: $9.4 million
Loan ratio: 70%

Construction and Mezzanine loan / Borrower’s first residential development

Loan amount: $16 million
Loan ratio: 92%

Office Building

Loan amount: $32 million
Loan ratio: 85%

Hotel Financing

Loan amount: $12.3 million
Loan ratio: 60%

$4.1 million Condo Inventory Financing of Phases I and II / $13.1 million Construction Financing of Phase III

Loan amount: $17.2 million
Loan ratio: 85%

400 units Construction Financing in Toronto

Loan amount: $105 million
Loan ratio: 80%

Mixed Use

Loan amount: $7 million
Loan ratio: 80%

Hotel Real Estate Portfolio Financing

Loan amount: $14 million
Loan ratio: 65%

Construction and Mezzanine Loan for 525 condos

Loan amount: $40 million
Loan ratio: 90%

Construction and Pre-development Financing of 451 units, a condo project in Markham

Loan amount: $143, 850, 000
Loan ratio: 65%