Why work with a mortgage broker

7 reasons to use a Mortgage Broker over your Bank

  1. Choice

    Get access to over 50 lenders, including major Banks, credit unions, national, regional and private lenders. If you ask a Bank which mortgage you should get, you will only be offered their own line of mortgages, even if there is a better deal for you in the marketplace. I will shop the market for you. 

  2. Great rates

    Get discounted rates and access to limited time specials, whether you are purchasing, refinancing, or renewing.

  3. Professional Advice

    Make an informed decision and save money. There are many important factors to consider when getting a mortgage like prepayment privileges, and fees should you need to get out of your mortgage early.

  4. Solutions

    If you don’t qualify for a Bank mortgage, I can help.

  5. Convenience

    Everything can be managed around your busy schedule.

  6. Top Service

    I’m with you every step of the way, even after your mortgage closes with tips and strategies to help you build long-term wealth. Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal.

  7. No Fees (oac)

    The lender selected pays for the service and solution provided.